Finding Myself

Finding Myself

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At my last job as a salesperson I remember telling my boss that I was going to quit. I was attempting to give him my two-week notice when he basically laughed at me, saying that I couldn’t just quit a full-time job with benefits to try to be a full-time video maker without any clients.

During my lunch break, I went to the mall to finish paying off a suit and to see if any jewelry stores were hiring. I walked into a couple of different stores until I spoke to a manager named Liz. I explained to her how I wanted to get a new job in the wedding industry and that I was interested in selling engagement rings. I basically got hired on the spot and for eight months I worked as a jewelry sales consultant. I learned a lot about the one thing every potential wedding client has in common, not sports, not politics, but the band on their left ring finger. I learned the importance of the four c’s in every diamond ring, Carrot, Color, Cut, and Clarity.

The Cut The greatest influence on the diamond’s sparkle. The great cinematographers who influence me daily.

The Color The second most important the less color, the higher the grade. The camera and gear that I use. Most modern-day cinematographers have switched from Canon Camera’s to Sony. Even if you think back without any video experience you may remember using a Sony camera or seeing someone with one. In today’s day in age, the Newer Sony Cameras have a lot of pro’s like their ability to film in dimly lit situations, the lightweight cameras, and their mirrorless system is also quite the performer when it comes to speed and frames per second. However, with canon, the color science is what won me over. Till today, no other camera comes close to comparison when it comes to capturing natural light. The canon cameras supersede their competitors by having a clearer video and do an amazing job when it comes to the color.

Clarity Tiny imperfections are often microscopic. To the untrained eye, things like coloring, audio, framing can seem like not a big deal. But the true value in video and diamonds are found in the absence of microscopic imperfections. By having years of experience, and knowledge, the things that separate different video companies is the quality in the storytelling, and quality when it comes to video-graphing and editing, and customer service.

The Carrot Weight The Diamond’s weight, not its size. Having huge, obtrusive cameras, and lights does not mean a better end product or even a happier customer experience. Having a lot of bulky gear distracts guests during a wedding day. It takes your guests out of the experience, and also usually doesn’t mean higher quality. All of our gear is lightweight, and we always make sure to be unseen as much as humanly possible with our zoom lenses, and small cameras we make our guests feel as though we aren’t even there.

Shape Each diamond shape has different attributes that affect price and quality grade. Each Client is different. They’ve all got different stories, different wants, and needs. We take the time to find out what those are before filming to ensure a happy customer. Always.

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