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Finding Myself

Finding Myself

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At my last job as a salesperson I remember telling my boss that I was going to quit. I was attempting to give him my two-week notice when he basically laughed at me, saying that I couldn’t just quit a full-time job with benefits to try to be a full-time video maker without any clients….

Choosing the Perfect Name

Choosing the Perfect Name (2009)

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I can still remember the day that my sister and I were at our kitchen table, where we spent hours trying to come up with the “perfect” name for my videography company. At just the age of 16, I really didn’t know much about starting a business. Looking back now, I’m proud of my young…

Why Videography

Why Videography?

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At the age of 16, being a crappy high school student meant that I often found myself daydreaming during class. So whenever the opportunity arose to skip school I always took it.